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Web Development for E-commerce stores is a must for businesses in today’s world

With the usage of internet expanding beyond imagination, every business needs to go online by web development in the e-commerce field. This is the main reason, why e-commerce web development is in great demand nowadays as the promotion of your business online is the finest modus in which your product or services are perceived by the buyers. An e-commerce website can help reach your business throughout the world almost instantly.

Different types of e-commerce platforms:

  •    Magneto: Magneto is an open source E-commerce website platform which is reliable and is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce nowadays. Numerous top-notch companies like Liverpool F.C., Burger King have their websites built on Magneto as it is the right choice for companies with a wide range of products. However, if the store owner is not a programmer, it is difficult to build and it is expensive too. If your enterprise has a huge volume of products then Magneto is the right choice but it needs to be managed by technical staff or third party.
  •    YoKart: YoKart has been specially designed for SMBs and startups and is a turnkey solution to rich e-commerce marketplace in building stores like Amazon, Etsy or eBay. It is best for Multi-vendor stores and its latest version has better features. This platform is multi-lingual and operates with multi-currency so that the store owners can reach out to clients globally. It is a mobile-friendly platform, which provides inbuilt product catalog system. Building YoKart requires a PHP developer and it is not open source. YoKart focuses mainly on SMB and for large-scale organizations, customization is required.
  •    Big Commerce: It is the most prominent E-commerce platforms which have about 55,000 online stores on its credit. Big Commerce has helped small, medium or large scale businesses to launch their e-commerce stores with ease and provides a large number of built-in features. There is no transaction fee and your store integrates easily with social media platforms. It is, however, not suitable for Multi-vendor stores and there are only 7 free themes.
  •    VTEX- It is a cloud-based e-commerce platform provider from Brazil and it has some of the major companies of the world as its clients like Wal-Mart, Disney, Sony, Whirlpool, Lego etc. The VTEX Platform provides password free checkout which is remarkable but this platform is based on the SAAS model, which is why the owners do not get complete control of their e-commerce store.
  •    Woo Commerce: WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin, which provides a secure payment gateway and a well-working shopping cart. It is open sourced and easy to use and requires an additional plug-in to start a multi-vendor store. Its admin panel is easy to manage and you get unlimited product categories. However, it starts slowing down with more sellers, products, and clients.
  •    Tictail: It is a DIY web development platform for e-commerce and focuses more on custom designs, easy usability and attractiveness of e-commerce. It is apt for fashion designers and retailers. The store can be set up easily without any prior technical knowledge and the website can be personalized as per requirement. However, there are quite few payment options as compared to other platforms.

How to Choose What Type of E-Commerce Platform is Best for You

There are numerous factors to be considered to choose the best e-commerce software for your business which are:

  •    The price factor- A reasonable platform can help you save considerable money, especially if your business is small scale or a startup.
  •    The appropriate tools-The platform must have themes and plug-ins that make your e-commerce portal stand out from the crowd and looks amazing.
  •    Mobile-compatibility-Your e-commerce store after building must be compatible with the mobiles as more than 70% online shopping is done through mobiles.
  •    SEO handle- You will require an appropriate SEO handle so make sure the platform offers one.
  •    Top notch security: it is important to provide high security to the clients and your web portal must have SSL or HTTPS certificates.

Using API to connect your e-commerce platform to your CRM, ERP, WMS etc.

An API works as the common bridge that uses a certain set of protocols to associate the different integrated and differential software that are used in the complete management of small and medium-sized businesses. This tool has worked in generating the finest communication between applications like- YoKart, BigCommerce, VTEX, WooCommerce, E-Commerce Platform, E-Commerce Software, API, CRM, ERP, WMS, etc.

How Can Mind Trust Help Choose, Install and Build the API?

Mind Trust is an expert in e-commerce based web development has precise resources, tools, techniques along with expert technicians assisting in the entire process of choosing, installing and buying the API. We provide you with best advice and assistance in e-commerce web development for all types of businesses whether small, medium or large.   

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