Marketing and Branding

Mind Trust offers a full suite of services to streamline and optimize your business. By taking advantage of our in-house suite of services, we can lower your operating costs and allow you to focus on what you do best.

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Being inside of your own business, it’s difficult if not impossible to see what is challenging your success let alone come up with the best solution. Even if you can, finding the correct solution provider can be a nightmare. By answering our brief questionnaire here, we will take a look at what you are doing and make several recommendations to help lower costs and make you more efficient. It’s like having a free business consultant to help address and solve the things take your valuable time and resources. We have separated our product offering into 2 basic categories. Marketing your business and Technology / Business Services.

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Marketing and Branding

How your company is viewed by the public and the acquisition of new clients.


Web Design and Development

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Marketing

Mobile App Development

Event Design

Mind Trust: Your New Marketing Partner

Are you the head of a small, virgining company in need of some marketing expertise? Consider Mind Trust for your marketing needs. We can aid your business in everything from simple branding and social media marketing to more complex options such as search engine optimization and mobile app development. From web design and development to event design, Mind Trust is the company to help you help your business!

Brand (ing) is a vital part of marketing defined by the Branding Journal as “the process of giving a meaning to specific company, products or services by creating and shaping a brand in consumers’ mind.”

Web Design essentially refers to the process of making a website “pretty.” Web Designers are able to use a brand to make websites more effective.

Web Development, on the other hand, refers to the person that writes the HTML to make your website work correctly.

In this day and age, Social Media Marketing is vital. This means making the most of our everyday platforms. These marketing tactics can help you transform your business’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into sales.

Despite the importance of social media to the marketer, sometimes, Search Engine Marketing is necessary to drive even more traffic to your website and therefore your business.

Naturally, Search Engine Optimization becomes an important tool in the marketer’s toolbox. This form of marketing is used to ensure that your site appears at the top of the list of thousands of websites during a web search.

Even more specifically, Local Search Marketing allows for locals to find your business more easily through location settings and other technological magic.

Event Design services can be used to help maneuver the muddy waters of incorporating brand into an event because event planning is tough without help.

In 2018, “There’s an app for that” is a phrase for a reason, and Mobile App Development helps your business get there by dealing with all of the technological jargon needed to create the perfect app for your cause.

Consider Mind Trust as a way to combat some {if not all} of these problems. We know how to optimize content and brand to bring the right customers right to your door. Let us help!

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